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Dell ST2320L HDMI audio suddenly stops during playing.


        I have Dell ST2320L Monitor. But lately I am facing a problem with this monitor on HDMI port.

I am using HDMI and DVI-D on Dell ST2320L. With HDMI I have attached xbox and with DVI-D my notebook.


It was working fine but now when I use HDMI input, after some time audio through HDMI suddenly stops/mutes.

Trouble Shooting: 

I removed the hdmi cable jack and repluged it on both sides of the cable and change the cable phases but no use.

Currently Solution:

Currently I able to work the audio if it stops/mute during playing on xbox by switching off the monitor and then on the monitor. This way audio comes back but some times it stops again after some time so I do again switch off and on the monitor.


Well that is the reason I am posting on dell forum so that I can get some support/help on this problem to solve this issue.


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Re: Dell ST2320L HDMI audio suddenly stops during playing.


Go into the monitor OSD 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

(On Screen Display) -Audio Settings and make sure Line Out Source is set to HDMI, not PC Audio. Be sure to check the Xbox  audio settings to make sure they are set to HDMI out. The next thing to check would be the HDMI cable. You want to be using a good one, not a cheap $5 cable.

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