Dell U3214Q freezes MacBook Pro

Hello Dell Community,

I just bought a Dell U3214Q. It´s been working great for 5 minutes. Then I disconnected my MacBook, reconnected it again after a while, then the computer just froze straight off, the monitor showed a message of not getting signal from the MacBook and going to power save mode. 

At a second try the MacBook just went black and the monitor showed the same error message.

Several reconnects, restarts, booting in save mode and disconnecting the power cable didn't change a thing. 

Anyone ever had this sort of issue before or knows any troubleshoots?

I´m using this MacBook click, a Mini DP to DP cable that I tested with another monitor.

Thanks for your help and best regards from Germany,


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RE: Dell U3214Q freezes MacBook Pro

Dell cannot speak to why the MacBook froze, but the message from the UP3214Q is simply saying it cannot sense a signal from the MacBook. You would best suited to ask the Apple users on their Forum.

Yes/No, does the UP3214Q pass its stand alone BID (Built-in Diagnostic), page 50?

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