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Dell Ultrasharp U2412

I have had my monitor a few weeks and it is working fine. However I have a problem and I just cannot find any answers/solutions on Google etc.

I am a photographer and edit a lot of large files. When I open large Tiffs in Photoshop or Capture NX (Nikon Software) the quality is horrible. It's all grainy and noisy. When I look at the Tiffs in ie Windows Photo Gallery, the image is fine. Also when opening Jpegs in PS or Capture NX the wuality is ok. I need to be able to work with TIFFS though.

I never had any problems like this with my old monitor and have not changed any of the programs/software I'm using.

Can anyone give me any idea what the problem is?

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Re: Dell Ultrasharp U2412


What is the resolution of the old monitor versus the U2412M 1920x1200 60Hz? Have you tested the U2412M DP (DisplayPort), DVI, and VGA ports? Post some pictures of the tiff files using both the old and the new monitor.

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