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Dell monitors, MacBook Pro, No DisplayPort cable message

According to what you mentioned here, what are the list of Dell Certified Monitors for MacOS? I had a Dell U2311H, as well as a U2913WM for years. I had a bad experience with my U2913WM to my MacBook Pro (early 2013) for couple of years when using DisplayPort. When woke up after bed or return from Office, the U2913WM can't wake up most of the time by key press the keyboard or trackpad. While this problem never happened in U2311H. I've purchased several cables DP to DP, DP to Mini DP. All can't resolve the problem. If I reboot my 2013 Mac with lid closed, it causes both external and internal display failed and I had to unplug the DP cable. Complete reboot it with internal display then plug the cable back in. Since last week I got my new MacBook Pro 2019 16' with CalDigit TS3 Plus TB3 dock and connect to U2913WM through DP cable. But what I found is the problem remains unsolved. I can log in to Mac without any video signal by simply listen to beep sound. So I'm sure my Mac already woke up properly. Except for the display, while I'm considering U4919DW as the replacement of U2913WM. But your reply gave me a negative image and concerns. In my opinion, its nonsense and almost kind of De-selling. At least for U2311H or U2913WM, Gamma settings options are available for Mac.

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Re: Dell monitors, MacBook Pro, No DisplayPort cable message


Go to the top of this Monitors Forum board and read through the sticky, "Does my Dell monitor have Apple support?".

Apple Forum U4919DW = 9 threads

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