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Difference between E177FPb and E177FPc?

Where would I enter the 20 digit serial number to tell what the model number is? I have my model number and it's an E177FPb. Can you tell me why is there such a huge difference in the E177FPb monitor and the E177FPc? I cannot find the service manual for the one I have.  Which is the E177FPb. And why is there a lower case letter at the end of the model number?

Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Difference between E177FPb and E177FPc?

Dell does not provide a customer accessible tool to search for serial number. I explained how you can decipher it.

* Go back to the top of this Monitors Forum
* Open the sticky, "FAQ Monitor"
* Open, "Monitor model identification from the serial number"

There is only one E177FP monitor model. The b and c are Dell regulatory notation. We never provided monitor Service Manual, we only provided monitor User Manual.