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Double Dare you to find a customer support number for a Dell Monitor

You need a secret decoder ring to find ANY customer support for a Dell product. I've spent 30 minutes trying to find a way to get help with my Dell ultrasharp monitor (U2414): No picture in HDMI port #1 but works in HDMI port #2.

As if this isn't enough of a problem, just finding a way to contact customer service drove me to total frustration.

I'm sorry, but if you bury your customer support phone number and then use a voice response system that cuts you over to PAID support because it can only see your old gear (and 24" monitors and smaller do not use those "service tags").

There's more to having a good product, it's the ability to please and help customers who purchase your products, not wind them up in exasperating push-button.

No more Dell for me.

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Did you try the chat?  I recently had good success getting support for my 2715k using the online chat and the service tag.  I was pleasantly surprised.

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My 2340m went bad, I called tech support since customer support was "closed" 

She asked for a service tag, I explained I had none since the monitor was less than 24 inchs in display size. 

She didnt know what to do, I kindly had her go to "CHRIS-M" link for 24 inch monitors and under. 

She read and understood, we set up a replacement and I provided proof of purchase. 

It was not hard, but some things in life take patience and understanding. 

Do these things and you'll be OK. 

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