Dual S2240T Touch monitors, second has Touch issues


I've had the S2240T monitor for 4 years and love it.  I just ordered a second one to have dual monitor capability for work.  I can't get the touch feature to work on the second monitor.  I was on the phone with tech support for probably 2 hours, he got it to work, twice, I went through the calibration cross-hair set up, but each time we restarted the computer the touch feature would disappear from the second monitor.  If anyone knows how to fix this I would be so grateful for your time.

Thanks so much!

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RE: S2240T Touch Monitor


You can click the link below for information with the monitors touch.

Dell S2240T Touch Monitor Issues

The fact that touch works on the second S2240T until you restart points to an operating system issue, not a monitor hardware fault.What OS are you running?

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