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E193FPc 21" - Picture flicks on for one second then Black Screen.

Running XP on three different Dell towers.  There is a green light  switch that can be pushed off (black).  When pressed on (to green), the picture shows for a second and then monitor goes black.  Green light stays on.  User can toggle on/off switch and with several toggles, run apps and internet.

This happened after sitting un-plugged for several days, coming on for an hour where apps worked and internet sound & video connected fine. It then went into a sleep mode with black screen.  After about 45 minutes, it started this one second appearance of the desktop and off to black screen.

What's the fix?????

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Re: E193FPc 21" - Picture flicks on for one second then Black Screen.

Hi Arturo51,

If I understand you correctly, you are facing intermittent issues with your Dell monitor (E193FPc) with all three Dell towers that you have. Since it exhibits issues with all three towers, an issue with video cards on all towers is very unlikely. It may be an issue with the monitor itself, video connector or with the video cable that connects it to the tower. Please follow the steps listed below at the time when the monitor's power button is green, but a blank display:
- Ensure Monitor is not in power save mode. (Press any key or move the mouse to wake up the system)
- Run the monitor self test to check monitor functionality.
1. Power off the computer
2. Unplug the monitor's power cable from the wall socket
3. Locate and unplug the video cable from the back of the tower
4. Plug the monitor's power cable back in the wall socket / surge protector
5. Power on the monitor and check the display on the screen (The floating 'Dell - self-test Feature Check' dialog will appear on-screen if the monitor cannot sense a video signal)
- If the monitor continues to exhibit a similar issue, it indicates that the monitor self-test has failed and requires monitor replacement
- If no issue is observed during the monitor self test feature, check for damages in the video cable (broken or bent pin). I recommend you to replace the video cable and recheck
- If the monitor issue persists even after the replacement of a video cable, try resetting the monitor settings to factory defaults. You may find the following steps useful:
1. With the menu off, push the 'Menu' button to open the OSD system and display the main features menu

     A - Function icons; B - Main Menu; C - Menu icon; D - Sub-Menu name; E - Resolution
2. Push the - and + buttons to move between the function icons. As you move from one icon to another, the function name is highlighted to reflect the function or group of functions (sub-menus) represented by that icon.
3. Push the 'Menu' button once to activate the highlighted function; Push -/+ to select 'Factory Reset'
4. Push the 'Menu' button once to return to the main menu to select another function or push the 'Menu' button two or three times to exit from the OSD

Hope this helps. Do reply with the results. I would be glad to assist. 

Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh A
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Re: E193FPc 21" - Picture flicks on for one second then Black Screen.

I too am experiencing the same problems with my monitor E193FPc.  The difference is that I can't get mine to stay up and it started doing this while using Windows 7.  I use a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop with a docking station.  I have this monitor plugged into my docking station.  I have the black screen and it only flashes the test screen for a couple of seconds.  It will also flash other screens for the same amount of time but I cannot use it or get the menu up.  Do this mean that my monitor is finally fried?

Please help as I miss my monitor.

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