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E196FP Have to switch ON-OFF 50 times for monitor to stay ON.

Hello everyone!

First time ever in a forum. I have a strange problem (at least to me) with my monitor E196FP. I have to push the power switch at least 50 times ON-OFF before it finally stays on. When I boot my PC (Dimension E520) in the morning, the monitor is black like it's dead and ready for the trash can. But I started playing with the ON-OFF switch, just to realize that after 10 or 15 times, it would start barely showing the desktop. Keeping switching, the desktop would get a little brighter, but each time, after 1 second, the monitor would get black again. Keeping switching and switching, it would get brighter to finally stay on after at least 50 times or more. When it's on, it works perfectly.

Now, if I restart the PC when the monitor had beem warmed and working, no problem at the reboot. I was wondering if there is a "part" in the monitor that warms it up all at once at start. That would explain why I have to "warm it manually". :-)

Hope I make sense, but that's my story.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: E196FP Have to switch ON-OFF 50 times for monitor to stay ON.

It sounds like the backlight is failing. The cost of having a local repairman diagnose and repair the monitor far exceeds the value of it.

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