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E198FP, stuck in PSM, GTX 1060 DP out port

I recently got a second-hand monitor from my place of work as a second monitor in my set up at home, the monitor ran fine while in the office but now when connected to my home pc, the message "entering power saving mode" is shown on the screen before it switches off. After this, it tells me that it can be turned on by pressing a key on my keyboard or moving the mouse but neither work. The monitor is recognized by my computer and is connected by a brand new VGA to DisplayPort cable to my GTX 1060 (Yes it is a custom built computer, not an off the shelf pre-built) Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

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Re: E198FP, stuck in PSM, GTX 1060 DP out port


At work, how was the 11 year old E198FP connected using what cabling and port on the computer?

Is this your home setup?
GTX 1060 DP out port --> ?DP to VGA cable? --> E198FP VGA in port

You might need an adapter =
GTX 1060 DP out port --> DP to VGA adapter --> VGA to VGA cable --> E198FP VGA in port

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