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E2014T touch has dead spots (Mac Mini 2012 / win 8.1)

Returned my last monitor after doing all the diagnostics over the phone with Dell, they agreed it was defective..... but after a few weeks use the new one is doing it too.  Several spots on the screen do not register touch (same spots as last time!!) Tried several USB cables (including the one it came with) same result.  Sometimes it comes back if I cycle power, but usually not.

This is with a Mac Mini running win8 and now win8.1 (same problem with both OSs)


Hooked it up to my dell laptop, and it works fine!!??  Also under win 8.1.

Any Idea what may be going on?  I'm baffled.  No point in returning it again....

E2014T  REV A00

S/N : CN-OMFT4k-74445-38N-A6WM

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RE: E2014T touch has dead spots (Mac Mini 2012 / win 8.1)

Since the Dell monitor works on the Dell laptop, that troubleshooting points to the apple proprietary software or hardware as the culprit. Go back to the top of this board. Open the announcement, "Dell monitors and apple proprietary hardware/software".

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