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E207WFP Dual Monitor Problem

I am using Windows Vista, 530 slim and I recently purchased a second monitor (both monitors are E207WFP). The E207WFP monitors do have DVI and VGA setup so you can choose which input you want to use. My graphics card is a ATI Radeon 2400 Professional, which has a VGA monitor input and a DVI input on the back of the chasis and is capable of running a dual monitor setup. Originally I was operating with the one monitor plugged into the DVI slot just fine. When I plug in the second monitor (in VGA port) it recognizes neither monitor.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what I can do so that it recognizes both monitors? I have used the buttons on the front of the monitors to put them on the appropriate channels (analog or digital) but both monitors simply sit at rest with the amber light showing. As soon as I unplug one monitor and restart the system, that one monitor (whichever I haven't unplugged) works fine. Thank you very much!


Marshall Kupresanin

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Re: E207WFP Dual Monitor Problem

Moved the other thread to the Desktop-Video board. I do not think this is a monitor issue.

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