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E2316H, E2311H, laptop, dock, PSM

Hi everyone!

I have two Dell monitors (E2316H and E2311H) at home right now. My Lenovo laptop is on it's docking station so I can have the two full sized monitors in use. They time out and go into PSM (Power Save Mode) so quickly if I'm being idle. Every time this happens, I'm logged out of my work programs and have to re-sign in once I get back into Windows. I tried to use the menu keys on the monitors to extend the time, but the max is 60 seconds.  I've tried to go into my Windows Power & Sleep settings and adjusted the times for screen and sleep to say never. 

Any ideas? This is so frustrating while working from home!


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Re: E2316H, E2311H, laptop, dock, PSM

* What specific Lenovo laptop model? List all of the video out ports
* Are you running Windows 10?
* What specific dock model? List all of the video out ports
* How does the laptop connect to the dock?
* How do each of the monitors connect to the dock?


The timer in the E2316H OSD Menu is only for dictating how long its Menu will remain open. It has nothing to do with the operating system directions for when to turn the monitor off.