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Escalation matrix within Dell Support

I recently bought a U2414H monitor in India and have been facing very bad support from Dell with respect to the same. The original worked just for 2 hours before conking off. Dell support (@DellCares on Twitter) promised me a replacement and I have received a USED & REFURBISHED piece from them. Not once, but twice now. I have returned the latest "replacement" and refused to accept it. The whole story is at and the comments on the note. I want to escalate the issue within Dell Support. Would anyone know the escalation matrix for Dell Support? Thanks!
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The Dell worldwide monitor exchange policy is as follows =

Inside the first 21 days from the Dell invoice date
* You may return the monitor for refund or credit
* You may request a New monitor exchange

Outside the first 21 days from the Dell invoice date
* All monitor exchanges will be refurbished

The escalation process for India is to use this form.

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