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Flexible LCD Panel, bezel detachment, dust buildup.

Hello and good day,

I have a u2410 monitor and notice there is a significant amount of flex of the LCD panel and that it is detached from the bezel. This is the ONLY monitor I have ever seen this occur in (having also got samsung, asus screens).  As a result of this flex and detachment from bezel, there is an increasing amount of dust falling between bezel and panel, which in turn is rising up on the INSIDE, causing image degradation due to, essentially, clusters of "dead" pixels (not dead, just dust in front).

Please advise.

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Re: Flexible LCD Panel, bezel detachment, dust buildup.


If under warranty, Dell Support should replace it. If out of warranty, you will need to disassemble and clean it. Unfortunately, we do not have any documentation on how to do this.

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