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Greenish tint on my 2209WA

Hi there,

This is my first time I bought a dell product. I got the 2209WA and unfortunately (I was expecting not to be lucky) I have a green tint on greys, most of it being bottom side of the screen, spreading from almost all the way left to 2/3 right.

It's most noticeable on greys, and it distorts especially my windows icons and windows which are mostly grey. I was wondering what is the procedure to ask for an exchange and receive a replacement, which hopefully will not have this problem

Also I am from Canada, hopefully these are the correct boards since this is where it redirected me when going for community from the Canadian Dell side.



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Re: Greenish tint on my 2209WA

Post a picture of the issue here. Provide the following information in your post -
* The issue as you understand it = Green tint 2/3 on grey background
* The link to the picture =
* Operating System =
* Monitor 20 digit Serial PPID number =
* Video card =
* Video card ports tested =
* Have you updated the video card driver? If not, load the latest video card driver and retest
* Is the monitor listed in the Device Manager under Monitors? If not, load the monitor driver and retest

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