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How disable Power saver if monitor wont wake up?

I have tried numerous times to reboot my system since it went into hibernation.  The monitor reads In power save mode, reboot from PC.  How do I do this if the monitor won't turn on?

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Re: How disable Power saver if monitor wont wake up?


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Try booting into safe mode by pressing the f8 key after the Dell Logo. Once in safe mode go into the power management options in control panel and set the system to never enter Hibernate or Standby mode. The hibernate and standby features are designed for portable systems to save on battery life. There is no need to put a desktop computer in these modes.

If this still does not work try removing and reseating the video card in the slot inside the computer then reconnect the monitor and power back on.

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RE: How disable Power saver if monitor wont wake up?

Still won't wake up. Thanks for nothing. Only 3 years old. Thought you were the best. Guess I thought wrong. Going shopping for a new computer and it won't be a Dell.
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