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I have photoshop homework and I'm running in 8-bit!

Agh!  I've never had this big of a problem finding a driver before.  The DELL website has always been very helpful but now its not doing anythinf for me.


I had to reformat my computer for reasons I will not go into.  I lost my DELL resource CD when I moved and now I need a driver for my E155 monitor (is that right)  I have a DELL inspiron 2600 and my OS is XP(yuck)  I know that this driver is native to XP and I should just be able to install it from my monitor panel under my display settings but when i try to it says my monitor type is "Default" and the properties button is unhighlighted.  I evan DOWNLOADED many drivers for it from various websites (since DELL feels it should not keep them here) and even tried DELL's ftp server.  I really need this adressed ASAP because I'm a Graphic Design student with homeowork due tommarow, I'm running in 8-bit mode and I'm not desgining a Nintendo game.

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Re: I have photoshop homework and I'm running in 8-bit!


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

If it is more colors and resolutions you need to be running and cannot change the display settings you are going to have to install the video card drivers back into the system. It is not the monitor .inf files that give you these options in windows. Post this issue in the portable forums.



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