Installing Monitor E153FPc Drivers

I have recently had to reload my XP to combat a corrupt Internet Explorer.  In doing so, I lost all of the drivers for my peripherals and obviously, most everything from my original system.  I have CDs for most, including one for my monitor.  However, it will not install and in locating the driver at Dell.com, it too will not install.  I am not certain where the issue lies - my monitor model number is E153FPc and all that Dell lists is a variety of E153FP monitors (none with the "c").  Other drivers that I have gotten from Dell.com have installed just fine, but this one does not.  It acts like all is fine and then when I go to run it, it simply opens the file where the download is stored but will not execute any of the components.  From the control panel I am stuck as well because the Monitor settings are set at "Default Monitor" so the Properties button is not available.  My resolution is driving me crazy - my screen elements are all HUGE - but I have no way to change it without getting my monitor driver to install.


Please help!!

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Re: Installing Monitor E153FPc Drivers

To fix the resolution problem you probably need to install the graphics card drivers first, then install the monitor driver if you want (it should not be necessary). I'd try the E153FP driver - I don't think the missing 'c' will cause any problems.


From the monitor driver readme.txt:


To manually install or update the monitor driver, perform the following steps:

1. Click Start-> Control Panel-> and then double-click Display icon.
2. In the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab, and then click Advanced.
3. Click the Monitor tab, and then click Properties -> Driver tab -> Update Driver.
4. When the Hardware Update Wizard dialog box appears, choose “Install from a list or specific location" and then click NEXT.
5. Check the "Include this location in the search" box.
6. Type the path to the location where the driver files were extracted (most likely "C:\Dell\Drivers\R76072" ) or use the browse button to select the location.
7. Click Next -> Finish to complete the installation.


Alternatively you can just right-click the .inf file and choose 'Install'



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