Is the AS500 soundbar compatible with 1704FPT monitor?

I just bought  a 1704 FPT, it's currently in transit to me. I want to get speakers and I'm thinking about an AS500 Soundbar.  All information that I find says that the Soundbar works with the Dell Ultrasharp 1703FP, 1801FP, 1901FP, AND 2001FP Flat Panel Monitors but says nothing about the 1704FPT. 
Does it fit on and work with the 1704FPT monitor??
Will I need the power adapter or will it just plug into the 1704FPT monitor power jack?
Does the 1704FPT monitor have a power jack?
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Re: Is the AS500 soundbar compatible with 1704FPT monitor?

Yes it will fit and the below link will show you another 1704FPV, but if you look over to the right side and locate the sound bar it will show you the list of monitors that it will fit including the 1704FP.  Just plug it in as directed with the cd manual you will get.  Very simple

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Re: Is the AS500 soundbar compatible with 1704FPT monitor?

There wasn't a link with your response??
So should I get the AS500 (gets its power form the monitor) or the AS500PA that has an external AC power adapter?
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