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List of Dell Monitor Stands.

I have thousands of Dell Monitors without stands, various models from various years.

I noticed that most stands are interchangeable between monitors, however you can still tell they aren't the correct match.  If you research specific monitors you get results for different stands.

I figured that Dell has to have a master list of stand model numbers and what monitors they are intended for, or vice versa, a list of monitors and what their proper stand model is.

I want to match up monitors with the proper stand and do it with integrity.

I know Dell doesn't sell stands, however, they should have this information available


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Re: List of Dell Monitor Stands.

The stands ship with the panel from the manufacturer. Correct, Dell has never sold or sent stands out when broken. This is because stands do not receive a "live" Dell 5 digit part number. I have never seen or heard of a, "master list of stand model numbers". In our internal parts database, when I look up monitor models, all that is listed are the part numbers for the panel and cables.


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