M992 Monitors - View area & window sizing issues

Having recently discovered the blurryiness issue's with the Dell M991 Monitors, I contacted Dell Tech Support and I once again went through the process of trying to resolve that problem with the tech support folks and to no avail the monitor issue prevailed.

So, Tech support issued a DPS # and they shipped me a replacement monitor, expect, it was not the same monitor given that they did not have M991's in stock, so they replaced it with a M992, I though " COOL ", monitor upgrade given the problems with the M991's.

However, my elation turn to frustration and disappointment. The problem is that the actual viewing area of the M992 does not fully encompass area of the monitor, second, the actual screen viewing area is not square, it is bowed in at the sides and the top and bottom is trapiziodal from left to right of the screen.

Now, I know that the screen viewing area and the actual window sizing are two different things. The window sizing you can adjust and configure given monitor res and monitor freq. based on size that is comfortable to the user.

I tried in vain to size and adjust the window to be a square a possible with the monitor settings on the front panel, but when you ajust one thing, it throws off another and back and forth I went on with this for a good hour.

I got fed up, called Dell Tech Support again, explained the situation and this problem with this NEW M992 could not be resolved, I was issued another DPS # and another replacement was sent to replace the replacement.

To make long story short, this other NEW replacement monitor has the same but different issue's as the first M992 monitor. And before anyone starts hammering on me, I got another dell system identical to mine for my wife when I order mine, I tried the monitor on her system and the problems still exsist.

With the M991 Monitor, I had no such problems with screen viewing area and sizing and adjusting the window to fit within the screen viewing area with the exception of the test being blurry as stated before.

Needless to say, I find this quite troubling that two brand new M992 monitors would have such deficiency's and I'm wondering if it's even worth the trouble or effort to yet call again and get still another replacement monitor of the same model type to only have to go thru the same process of being frustrated, annoyed and in general, I am totally disgusted with this whole matter.

Personally, I feel that the quality of DELL products are good and I haven't had any issues with the operation and performance of my Dell System, but this issue of the monitors is really starting to burn my cookies and all I want is to be able to plug in the monitor, load the appropiate drivers, size the window to the screen viewing area without having to mickey mouse around the geometry settings to make the appearance of what I am viewing in the window to any resemblance of clarity.

Who ever coined the words " USER FRIENDLY " with regards to computers should be found, beaten, flogged and then subjected to the nightmare's that individual computer users deal with.


A Very Frustrated, Disgusted and Dejected Customer

Phil Salisbury
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Re: M992 Monitors - View area & window sizing issues


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I apologize for this inconvenience you have had with Dell in getting the monitor replaced. You may want to either call them back and talk to a supervisor about getting a better working monitor or email them and have them send you one.

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