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MDS19, P2719H, Soundbar AE515M


New monitors, XX19 series doesn’t have the bottom brackets to attach de soundbar. What a pity!!!!!

The new soundbar attaching system is a bracket that pinch the monitor stand.

The problem comes when we use the dual stand and the soundbar bracket does not fit the width of the MDS19 stand.

Any ideas of how to solve it? Maybe a wider bracket for the soundbar? SKU?

See video:




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The MDS19 Dual Monitor Stand was not designed with a Soundbar in mind. The MDS19 sales page does not include a Soundbar in its Accessories options. Nor does it show any Soundbar connected to it in the video or pictures. The MDS19 Setup Guide does not show a Soundbar. The AE515M only has the one bracket used on Dell monitors. In this scenario, you will have to either;
* Use Dell monitors that have built-in speakers
* Attach powered external speakers directly to the PC


ufffff… we have bought all the office monitors, soundbars, and dual stands. In the sales page of the monitor it appears the soundbar and the dual stand as accessories but did not find anywhere that they were not compatible between them.

Lasts P2717H had the slots for soundbar and that was not a problem.

What monitors do you suggest us in replacement of P2719 with the soundbar notches or with integrated speakers….  going back to on table speakers is not an option.

The P2719H and P2719HC were designed and marketed to use the AE515M Soundbar on the stand that ships with them =


Notice the picture of dual P2719H/P2719HC mounted on the MDS19 does NOT have the AE515M Soundbar attached =


If you are going to use those models on the MDS19, you will need to return all of the AE515M Soundbar (via Customer Care and the Dell order numbers) and you must use table speakers. I cannot find any 27" monitors currently available that can use the older soundbars or with built-in speakers that can fit on the MDS19.


Hi there,

how can be that difficult design dual stand suitable for the new soundbar?

is not if is listed or not in the accessories of each other! Is just common sense, no? New product line of 2019 and somehow two of them can’t be used together?

So customers need to chose between play music or have one single stand to get the table tidy?

how much cost to sell a wider plastic bracket to hold the sound bar? 5 euros each? 

i really don’t see where is the issue to provide a proper solution from a well known multinational instead of come up with technical excuses... 


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