Monitor USB port usage guide

* The monitor USB upstream cable should be plugged into a USB 3.0 port on the computer.

* If the monitor is turned off, the USB devices plugged into it are also turned off.

* The USB downstream port with the lightning icon can charge up to 2 amps for BC1.2 compliance devices.

* The monitor USB downstream port on the center back or side should be used for WiFi and hard drive devices. Why? Some wireless devices (WiFi and Hard Drives) plugged into the bottom USB downstream ports could generate frequency interference issues with other devices plugged in next to it. Which is why the manual states, "It is recommended to use this port for your wireless USB device whenever possible". But I prefer to plug them directly in to the computer which eliminates any possible interference.

* The monitor USB downstream ports on the bottom/side could also be used for USB mouse or keyboard. But, I prefer to have them plugged directly into the computers USB ports which takes the monitor hub out of the path which may slow down transfer speed.

* Some USB drives require more electric current which is why I plug them directly into the computer.

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