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I have monitors usability improvement idea:

1) Some analog controller for brightness (and contrast) control without seeing a pop-up menu in monitor would be nice. Users could change parameters in one second by rotating small controller instead of going to menu and pushing/touching buttons and altering parameter cent by cent each time.
It is useful when e.g. you read some article and quickly switch to some video (different values are better). These values are different in day time and night time also, when lights in room are on/off etc.

2) If analog controller could not be used, feature to remember some (2-4) favourite brightness values and quickly cycle it by pressing one hot-button without seeing a pop-up menu in monitor would be nice also.

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RE: Monitor feature request/idea

Although this is not exactly what you wanted, you can do something much like this with Dell Display Manager (DDM) software, using the command-line and conventional Windows shortcuts. Assuming you have just one monitor (#1),
1. Decide what levels you want brightness and contrast to be at for daytime and nighttime (e.g. day brightness=100%, night brightness=60%)
2. Create Windows shortcuts to DDM, naming one "Daytime" and the other "Nighttime"
3. Edit the "Daytime" shortcut "Target" field, appending "/1Smiley FrustratedetBrightnessLevel 100"
4. Edit the "Nighttime" shortcut "Target" field, appending "/1Smiley FrustratedetBrightnessLevel 60"
Create as many shortcuts of this type as you need, and assign hotkeys to them to quickly switch among them.
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RE: Monitor feature request/idea

I really like this tool.  I have added it as a scheduled task that runs in the morning and evening.  The schedule task does not work if the monitor is off but it works most of the time.

In a bat file I use:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Dell Display Manager\ddm" /1Smiley FrustratedetBrightnessLevel 70

and call this in with a scheduled task. ("70" for the morning and "20" for late evening)

It would be nice if there were more functions with command line usage as well as feedback.  It would be nice to set the temperature through the day from high to low. 

Thank you for posting this info - it was the only place I could find this info.

The Dell Display Manager is pretty nice tool also - the functions in it are really great.  It would be nice if there was maybe a tab that could set the brightness and temperature throughout the day.  The goal is that bright and higher temperatures should be used in the morning while a dim low temperatures used in the late evening.  This is natural light works.


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