Monitor firmware updates policy


* The monitor firmware update will take approximately 10 minutes
* Interruptions during the update process such as disconnecting or turning off the monitor or PC will cause damage to your monitor
* Read the Firmware Update Instructions/Readme found in the Firmware package BEFORE updating your monitor

* Just because the monitor File Library list a Firmware update does not mean that you should install it. I will use the U2518D as an example

* Read through the first section under "Dell U2518D Firmware Update"
Notice that it states,
Importance: Optional 
That means that it is not a critical update for all U2518D owners

* Then click on, View full driver details
* Read through the "Fixes & Enhancements"

* If your monitor is functioning and does NOT have the specific issues corrected by the Firmware update, then you should not install it

* Once the purchased monitor warranty period has expired, Dell will not exchange a monitor for a failed Firmware Update

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