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Monitor warranty claim, end date

Hello all!

Quick question here as I forgot to do this and just noticed it might be the last day for me to do so. 
My Service Tag-less monitor has a S/N:  CN-04NVYD-74261-553-04AL
To my knowledge the "553" represents the Manufactured date which should be May 3, 2015 (today). So my question is this:  is it too late to call in for the manufacturer warranty or do I have until the end of the day today?

Please let me know!


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Re: Exact date when Dell warranty can no longer be claimed


Apologies for missing this. But for other monitor users, the 553 represents the build date of 5/3/15. So for a monitor without a service tag number, add 3 years to that to get the last day of the warranty, 5/3/18.

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