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Monitor with Thunderbolt 3


From the beginning I want to apologize for my english. Is not very good but please be patient.

To the topic. I have a question about Dell monitors which works with Thunderbolt 3. Everywhere is about charging a laptop from monitor but is it possible in opposite side? I mean, charge monitor from laptop using usb-c with interface Thunderbolt 3 without cable connected to 230V. 

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Re: Monitor with Thunderbolt 3

I think you may be asking if there are any *portable* monitors that can be powered by a laptop over USB-C/TB3. If so, while I don't believe Dell makes one, others like AOC and Asus do: do a search for the AOC I1601FWU which is a 1080p 15.6" unit with a very low cost and power draw.

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