Monitor won't stay on.

Hello everyone, I'm here to ask a silly question. I'm by no means what somebody would consider 'technologically inclined', and I'm sure that my issue probably has a very simple solution. I just purchased a second-hand PC from a reputable seller, and for some strange reason, the monitor won't stay on for more than five seconds. It shows a quick image of the Windows logon screen, then a message saying " 1:Auto-Detect (Analog)" shows and the screen goes back to black. I've tried opening the settings on the monitor, but it won't stay open long enough to do so. Any suggestions?

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RE: Monitor won't stay on.

* What is the monitor model?
* What is the computer model?
* What is the video card?
* What video out ports are on the video card? (VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/mDP)
* What operating system is installed on the computer?

* List all monitor cables and adapters attached to the computer and the ports they are using. For example =
Computer video card GTX 1080 DP out port --> DP to mDP cable --> U2414H mDP in port

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