Monitor won't turn back on

I have a Dell U2713HMt

If i lose power to the monitor it will not immediately turn back on when the power comes on.

I generally have to turn the power off unplug the monitor plug it back in turn the power on press the monitor switch unplug it from the laptop plug it back in. I may have to do this 2-4 times before the monitor comes back on.

Is this normal? Is there something special or a certain order i need to do things in to get the monitor to come back on.


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RE: Monitor won't turn back on


Take the laptop out of the troubleshooting.
* Turn the monitor off
* Disconnect all cabling (except the power cable) from the bottom and side of the monitor
* Turn the monitor on/off/on/off
* If it always turns on and off, the monitor is fine. The issue is when connecting it to the laptop

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