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New Dell ST2220L just received, won't go into power saver mode


I have a new Dell ST2220L monitor plugged into my new Dell Inspiron 620.  I noticed tonight the monitor will not go into power saver mode or the screen saver will not come on.  There is a floating message that takes it's place stating "No HDMI Cable", like it's not even connected.  Upon moving the mouse, the screen comes back to normal mode and all works as expected.

I do have the monitor hooked up to the computer via the HDMI ports.

What is wrong ?  I read one poster saying that maybe the monitor should not be hooked up to the computer via HDMI, but that makes absolutely no sense to me...why give the options on both pieces of hardware if that were the case ?!

Thanks for any/all help!


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Re: New Dell ST2220L just received, won't go into power saver mode

Hi bamadog1,

Welcome to the Community. I understand your concern. I see that you are getting a message “No HDMI Cable” on your computer. The Dell Monitor is designed in way where in which if there is no signal from CPU, the first message you get is “No HDMI cable”. The monitor will enter Power save Mode after 15 minutes if left at this state. For screensaver not coming up on the monitor, it needs to configured on your Operating system. Please refer to the link below to turn on the screensaver on your computer with Windows 7 Operating system. Please reply back if your Operating system is not windows 7.

Please reply back if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards
Dell Social Media Responder

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