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New Monitor S2309W

Can someone help me, I have a Dell Dimension E520 computer, just bought a new Monitor S2309W and can't get the resolution to 1920 x 1080. Was told to download a updated graphics driver. I don't know how to find the driver I currently have and I don't know which one to download. My warranty expired so the 800 number won't help me. Thank you

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Re: New Monitor S2309W

If you are running VISTA go to Programs|Accessories|System Tools and open System Information. Go to Components and expand - click Display. Information is provided there. You can Google from there to find what you need.

You can also go to Device Manager in the Control Panel (under System in XP, I think) and expand DISPLAY ADAPTERS. Right click the name of the adapter and you will have menu options. You can follow what works best. I have an INTEL product and Microsoft Updates (Windows Updates) gave me a new driver which was already in place when I hooked up my S2309W to my (new) Inspiron 530. My display was perfect out of the box because of this.

Love the monitor - gorgeous display and so far no problems. Everything looks great (see a post I made earlier about resolutions). Good luck!





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