Optiplex SX280 Display Drives (Windows 7)

Just upgraded my machine to Windows 7, i have used it before and i managed to get some drivers working but i cannot figure out which ones. I since re-installed a fresh copy using the same disc and now i cannot find working drivers for the display (most important) and also the audio.


Any help would be appreciated./




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Re: Optiplex SX280 Display Drives (Windows 7)

You can look Here under FAQ this might help but not really sure if it will work for the video driver since Dell and Intel are no longer supporting the Intel 82915G Chipset.

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Re: Optiplex SX280 Display Drives (Windows 7)

I installed Windows 7 business edition on an SX280 today and it turns out that the audio and video drivers are not included on the Windows 7 DVD. However, upon running  Windows update, the drivers are downloaded and installed automatically upon rebooting. Even the video driver seems to work, even if Intel officially states that they are not supporting Windows 7 and this particular chipset. IMHO, Windows 7 runs faster on this computer than Windows XP, or maybe it's just because it's a fresh, clean installation.