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P1230 22-inch Color CRT

is this monitor good for high end gaming ? i want a great monitor for games...thanks
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Re: P1230 22-inch Color CRT

The P1230 uses the Diamondtron NF tube.  Being an aperture grill tube, it is brighter and has more vivid colors than shadow mask monitors, so yes it should excel in gaming tasks.  Frankly I'd go with HP's P1230 though, as it costs less than Dell's, has a nicer chassis, and has a more updated tube; it uses the newer Diamondtron M2 tube which has higher horizontal scanning frequency (140kHz vs 130kHz on Dell's), making for slightly higher refresh rates.  It also has the Superbright modes, which really help with games and video.  There are several other monitors that use the exact same Diamondtron M2 tube (NEC FP2141SB, Mitsubishi DP2070SB, Lacie Electron22Blue IV, Cornerstone P1750, and a few others) so I'd shop around and find the one with the best price.
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