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P2214 Monitor w/Docking Stand & E6320 Latitude Laptop

I just purchased a P2214 Monitor with a built-in docking stand. The Dell Latitude laptop I have only has the following ports:

1 - VGA port

1 - HDMI port

2 - USB ports

I don't want to use the laptop display or keyboard...I only need the hard drive. Is there a way I can run the hard drive through the docking station without having to leave the laptop screen open? As it stands now, when I close the screen it goes to sleep as do the monitors. I'd have a lot more space on my desk if I could just close the laptop but run it through the monitors and use my wireless keyboard.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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RE: P2214 Monitor w/Docking Stand & E6320 Latitude Laptop

There has to be a way in the operating system power settings to tell it to NOT shut off the system when the lid is closed. Ask the users on the Microsoft OS board or the Laptop Liaison, DELL-Terry B.

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