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P2314T, Laptop, Dock, refuses to wake up (SOLUTION)


It is 3 years later and recently I also started having this problem with the Dell P2314T monitor. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1709) and almost every time, after Windows turns off the terminal and locks, I cannot get the P2314T to wake up unless I take my laptop off the dock and put it back on. Initially, I thought it was a Windows problem but with this thread, it appears to a problem with the Dell monitor. Does anybody know if there is a solution to this problem with the Dell monitor?


UPDATE 5/13/18

I've had this issue for quite some time with my Dell P2314T monitor using Windows 10 Pro (with a ThinkPad laptop). It was very annoying but I think I have found a solution for me - disable the monitor's DDC/CI option in its OSD (on screen display).

According to Wikipedia the Display Data Channel, or DDC, is a collection of protocols for digital communication between a computer display and a graphics adapter that enable the display to communicate its supported display modes to the adapter and that enable the computer host to adjust monitor parameters, such as brightness and contrast. Obviously, you'd lose whatever that does but I did not see any negative impact and the problem went away.

The detailed process is:

1. Press the monitor Menu button (3rd from the top) to open the OSD
2. Scroll with the up/down buttons (1st and 2nd from the top) to Other Settings
3. Press the Menu button again to enter the Other Settings option
4. Press the menu button again to enter the DDC/CI setting
5. Scroll down to the Disable option and confirm with the menu button

Hope this helps...



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Re: P2314T, Laptop, Dock, refuses to wake up after Windows 10 sleep mode

Started a new thread.

The Windows 7/8/8.1/10 driver (inf/cat/icm) released on 8/12/15 is here. Is it installed?
* What specific Laptop model?
* What specific dock?
* Have you tested the P2314T connected directly to the Laptop? No dock
* How long was the P2314T connected to the dock using Windows 10 BEFORE the issue arose?
* List how the P2314T is connected to the dock using all cabling and ports

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