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P2418HT Touch, what is the correct pen?

First of all, I already own the Venue Active Stylus Pen (Dell 750-AAHC). Is this one compatible with the P2418HT Touch monitor? And if not, what is the pen to go?

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Re: P2418HT Touch, what is the correct pen?


Usage of a pen was not tested by Dell for the P2418HT.


The sales page does not mention a pen or list one under Accessories.


The User's Guide does not mention a pen.

It states on page 11 =
Touch type = Projected Capacitive System
Touch method = Fingers


It states on page 52, Touchscreen Problems =
"Cursor does not accurately follow your finger when you touch the screen"


In theory, you would need a passive capacitive pen so the active Venue pen would not work.


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