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P2418HZ, setting up camera and mic?

To start I’m not very technical. 70 year old trying to get my new monitor set up. Taking online class and need camera and mic to work.  The little sheet f instructions that came with monitor says to go through Skype options to set up balsa says “certified for Skype for business”  I have Microsoft suite for home use.  Also I’m iPhone/iPad user. Does anyone know if this monitor will only work through Skype and only business edition?  So far system not very user friendly.

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RE: P2418HZ, setting up camera and mic?

The P2418HZ was never tested/validated with Apple hardware or software. So we cannot know if the camera and mic would work on your Apple hardware. You should ask the Apple users on their Forum for troubleshooting opinions. We tested/validated with Windows 7/8/10. This PDF shows us =

The User's Guide pages 33, 34, and 69 discuss Skype. Please read through it and make sure that the monitor is connected correctly.

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