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P2715Q Backlight leakage

Hi Chris

I bought this P2715Q 4K monitor probably in Apr or May 2015, hardware version A01. I placed it in the study room and last night I went to the study room at midnight with the room light off, I found the monitor backlight is leaking. you can see part of the screen is brighter than the rest of the screen, the light is coming from the middle bottom screen. Turn the monitor off using the power button doesn't help, unless you disconnect the power cord. You couldn't notice this in the day, but it is very obvious at night with lights off. I don't think it is normal.

What should I do? try to take a photo, but it is too dark and camera wouldn't capture it. The shape of the leakage is like \_/ . light coming from the middle bottom screen and get wider all the way up to the top.



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RE: P2715Q Backlight leakage

Unfortunately, Dell cannot issue a monitor exchange without some proof of monitor failure. We need to see it to define if the leakage falls within our manufacturer specifications. Also, I cannot find a published 100% "no light leakage" warranty. But we do have an overall "manufacturer specifications for uniformity". So some corners or sides may differ from others.

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