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P2715Q and Logitech Performance MX Lag

Recently got my new P2715Q, and loving it very much! However, when I wish to use the USB hub as a spot for my receiving for the Logitech Performance MX mouse, the connection is terribly laggy and the cursor jerks around on the screen. Anyone have any ideas on fixes?


-Have restarted and reconnected all devices/cables twice

-Have tried both the easily accessible port on the back and the others

-Using a late 2013 15" Retina MacBook Pro with the latest version of El Capitan

-Do have audio going to speakers and a jump drive plugged in, but problem persists when those devices are removed


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RE: P2715Q and Logitech Performance MX Lag

The Logitech Performance MX mouse wireless transmitter is picking up interference from something in the monitor. I would test by plugging the additional extension dongle cable that came with the mouse into the back/rear USB port on the P2715Q. Then plug the wireless transmitter into the other end of that dongle cable and move it away from the P2715Q. There are many threads concerning this mouse and lag.

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