P2715Q , clicking noise when in PSM (power save mode)

This has been an issue since day 1 of purchase, about 1.5 years ago.

Here's my workflow: I connect the P2715Q with my Macbook, and everything works great.  Now I need to get to work so I unplug my laptop.  Within 5 minutes the Dell will enter into the Power Save mode, with power on (since it's only the DisplayPort cable is unplugged).

And now, there comes the constant clicky noise, running from within the monitor.

For these 1.5 years I have been enduring this, but I finally decide it's time to post a thread here to seek help:

1) Is this normal at all?  Is it a monitor malfunction?  The issue starts from day 1.

2) Is there any way at all to disable the power save mode?  Again, outside of this mode everything works great.

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RE: Dell P2715Q when in power save mode, constant "clicky" noise

Post a video allowing us to hear this noise. The only way to disable the PSM is to turn the monitor off via the power button.

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