P2715Q monitor USB fed from a Lindy 2 port switch

To begin with I plugged the monitor USB upstream connector into my PC's USB3.0 port using the supplied USB3 lead, and then plugged the keyboard and mouse into the USB ports on the monitor. This worked well and I didn't need to feed the mouse and keyboard cables to the PC under the desk.

All worked

I then have got a Lindy 2 port USB3.0 switch and a couple more USB leads. When I plugged the Lindy into the cable from the PC and a new cable into the monitor USB upstream, I expected the keyboard and mouse to still work but they do not.

Device manager shows the presence of the USB3 hub in the monitor, but not the peripheral devices (keyboard and mouse). 

I am not sure why this is not compatible. I want the switch so I can easily plug in a laptop and use the keyboard/mouse with it.

The Lindy switch seems to work not in conjunction with the Dell monitor - I ran a portable USB 3 hard disk through it OK.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

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RE: P2715Q monitor USB fed from a Lindy 2 port switch

We never tested our monitor USB 3.0 hub through a switch. We only validated it when connecting directly into the computers USB 3.0 port.

Since this worked, we know that the Dell monitor hardware is functioning =
Computer USB 3.0 out port --> P2715Q USB 3.0 upstream cable --> P2715Q USB 3.0 upstream port
USB mouse and keyboard --> P2715Q USB 3.0 downstream ports

Now, explain in great detail how you connected the Lindy using all cables and ports. Have tried contacting Lindy support?

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