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P2717H, no power cable

I was very excited about my new monitor(ie. P2717H) which i just bought today from a dell distributor, but all of that excitement turned into bad experience when i try to install the monitor at place as there was no power cable in the box, i tried reaching the distributor but he also refused to say anything as the package was sealed and delivered to him by company. I am very disappointed from dell as this was my first product which i brought and kind of feel cheated. Please help.

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RE: P2717H, no power cable

Our apologies, but the "distributor" was not honest with you. Someone opened the box and removed the power cable. As you can see from the P2717H User's Guide, when shipped directly from Dell, we include the following =

5120P Power cable
M661M VGA cable
PN81N USB 3.0 Upstream cable
RN698 DP to DP cable

You can either return the product to the distributor for refund, then purchase directly from Dell. Or purchase the power cable 5120P online.

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