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P2719HC and P2719H, display quality is different

Hi all,

I have a P2179HC monitor connected to my laptop (Dell Latitude 7400 OR MS Surface Book 3) via USB Type-C cable. This monitor is connected via DP out to P2719H DP in (daisy chain). The connections work fine but display quality of two monitors is quite different. P2719HC has markedly inferior colour quality. I then connected the two monitors to Dell XPS 8930 desktop using DP cable for both and I get exact same display quality. 

Can something be done to get close to same quality on both monitors when connected to laptop as:

PC Intel Iris plus/GTX 1660 Ti USB Type-C out port -> P2719HC USB Type-C with supplied USB Type-C cable -> P2719HC DP out -> P2719H DP in port

Thank you and much appreciate your help.

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