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P2720DC, MacBook, LAN adapter to USB-A? #2

What was the outcome of this? I would also like to connect ethernet to my MacBook via USB Type-C using the P2720DC? Is it possible?


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Re: P2720DC, MacBook, LAN adapter to USB-A? #2

Aside from Dell not testing/validated on Apple OS, the P2720DC User's Guide makes no mention of ethernet usage via any of its ports. You should start a new thread on the Apple Forum to discuss the P2720DC with Apple PC.


Page 8 = Single USB Type-C to supply power to compatible notebook while receiving video signal.


Page 12 = You can attach the monitor to PC using a USB Type-C cable (shipped with your monitor), to get the monitor experience as below:
- Support data transmission speed up to USB 3.1
- Display resolution up to 2560x1440 60 Hz on DisplayPort 1.2 alternate mode
- Power delivery of 20 V/3.25 A, 15 V/3 A, 9 V/3 A, 5 V/3 A


Page 29 =