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P4317Q, DDM, no Apple support


With Apples recent decision to discontinue their stand-alone Retina display, Dell monitors are rated as best in class replacements. I purchased a P4317Q monitor to use with my 3 Macs, however without the Dell Display Manager software, switching between PIP options and inputs is very cumbersome. Please port the DDM software to OS X!

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RE: P4317Q, DDM, no Apple support

Unfortunately, Dell has no plans to pay EnTech to create an Apple version of our DDM (Dell Display Manager). You can see from the P4317Q driver page the operating system supported and tested by Dell =


You might check their website to see if they have any Apple supported products that do the same functionality. If not, you should ask the Apple users if they know of any Apple supported software that has the same functionality as our DDM.

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Re: P4317Q, DDM, no Apple support

Dell does not support anything with Mac OS operating system. It seems that Apple has to implement their drivers in their OS. I too have the P4317Q 43" Monitor, and have issues with it staring up after sleep.

Dell basically has no support for this kind of thing. It's a shame since this monitor is very nice.


Have you found any support elsewhere for the DDM? Please let us know if you find something, or vise versa.


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