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Pink / Green tinting in corners of U2413

I recently had a U2413 replaced with a new one after I noticed a very slight pink tint on a white background in the bottom right corner of the monitor. The replacement has arrived today and after installing the new monitor I noticed the same problem. There is also a slight green tint in the bottom left hand corner which again, is only really noticeable on a white / light background. As this is a new replacement, I thought that this may just be normal for these panels. There is however another thread on here which poses possible reasons for the tint (http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/peripherals/f/3529/p/19501689/20343929.aspx#20343929). Is this "normal" for the monitor, or should I ask for another replacement? Is getting another replacement likely to solve the issue? The monitor is perfect otherwise but I want to make sure it is working 100% correctly because it did cost me just over £400 which isn't a small amount of money, to me at least.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice 

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Re: Pink / Green tinting in corners of U2413


The policy for color is as follows =

Dell monitors do not have 100% color/tint uniformity specification. As long as the center 2" circle is 6500K, it meets our manufacturer specifications. The center may be 6500K, but the sides and corners may not, which is why you may see that one side or corner is different than the others.

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