Problems with getting my new Dell monitor work with Sony Vaio Z

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I just got a new Dell U2713HM and want to connect it to my Sony Vaio Z laptop. However, this does not work too well. I tried already to use the VGA cable that came with the monitor, which gave me 2048x1152 resoultion (which is the native resolution of the monitor) but very blurry picture, especially text. Then I tried a HDMI cable but that gave me only 1920x1080 resolution. The picture is a bit better but still blurry ... probably because it's not the native resolution of the monitor. Any ideas?

The model of my laptop is: SVZ131A2JL

My graphic card is an AMD radeon hd 7670m (http://www.amd.com/us/products/notebook/graphics/7000m/7500m-7600m/Pages/radeon-7500m-7600m.aspx#2)

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Re: Problems with getting my new Dell monitor work with Sony Vaio Z


Those resolutions are correct for this monitor.
DVI-D, DisplayPort 2560x1440
VGA 2048x1152
HDMI 1920x1080

Did you load the monitor driver on the laptop?
DELL_U2713HM_MONITOR_A00_00_DRVR_1R1VK.exe http://dell.to/Wn6p8p (Windows Vista/7/8)
* Save the file to the windows desktop
* Run the file. It will extract to C:\Dell\Drivers\1R1VK
* Open the folder
* Double-click Dell Monitor Driver Installer.exe
* Follow the prompts

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Re: Problems with getting my new Dell monitor work with Sony Vaio Z

Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! I installed the driver as you recommended (and I think that I have done that already before as well). But nothing really changed.

One other wired thing that I noticed is that if I go for a lower resolution (e.g., I have VGA connected and go for 1029x1080), I get a black bar on the top and bottom and the image gets respectively distorted. But that should not happen since it is the same ratio, should it? Could there be anything wrong with scaling or so?

Is there a way I can get the maximum/native resolution of the monitor (2560x1440) with my laptop. The problem is that my laptop does not have DVI-D or DisplayPort ports. But I have a USB3 port. Would something like this help: accessories.us.dell.com/.../productdetail.aspx

Thanks a lot,


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