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S2240T, Touch not working

The touch screen does not work - only with a mouse - I have brand new acer computer with windows 8.1.

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RE: S2240T, Touch not working

Ken Thom,

* The Touch capability is inate in the operating system. The drivers we post on our File Library are not Touch, they are only INF/ICM/CAT

* Be sure that the monitor USB Upstream cable is connected from the bottom of the monitor and the other end connected to a USB port on the computer
* Make sure that the Control Panel -System & Security -System -Device Manager -HID touch device is recognized as shown below:
HID-compliant device
Microsoft Input Configuration Device
USB Input Device

* Run the  Windows Control Panel -Hardware & Sound -Tablet PC -Calibrate

* If the Calibrate does not see the monitor;
* Open the Control Panel- System and Security- Administrative Tools
* Open up the Services link
* Scroll down to "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Pane Service", "TouchInputService", "Tablet PC Input Service", or "Biometric Service". If it is not enabled - enable it
* Right click on it, select Properties
* Change Startup type to Automatic
* Click Apply
* Right click it and select Start. Give it a second to start and then the touch input should be working

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