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S2340M replacement - cannot contact customer service

I have a S2340M monitor that I purchased from Amazon 10 months ago. The monitor turns itself off and on every few hours - a rather annoying behavior. I've tried replacing the cable and it's not unique to just one computer - definitely the monitor's issue.

In order to get a replacement, I first tried contacting customer support via chat, where I was told to contact technical support (even after showing the forum post stating I should contact customer support for my product). I then tried contacting customer support via phone. After describing my issue at the automated prompt, the automated voice tells me "They've located my account and I am not longer covered under warranty." This is ridiculous, since I haven't even given them any information about me or my monitor besides that I want it replaced. I can't contact support via email because I don't have any of the required numbers it makes me input to actually submit the email, since I bought it from Amazon.

Please, can somebody help me get my 10 month old monitor that turns itself off and on replaced?

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RE: S2340M replacement - cannot contact customer service

I'm in the exact same situation with my monitor. Bought 2 years ago at Best Buy, warranty is 3 years, so still covered. They just keep saying they need service tag. I show them that it says displays under 24in purchased somewhere other than dell dont' have service tags. Then they say sorry we can't help you without a service tag. 

What a joke support is. 

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